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Procolour Pencils

Derwent® Procolour pencils are the perfect combination of a strong point and smooth laydown, with a texture that has the covering power of wax yet glides like an oil. The richly pigmented pencils maintain a sharp point for detailed drawing while minimal dusting keeps work clean and smudge-free.

Derwent Procolour is the latest addition to Derwent’s professional range of coloured pencils. Procolour combines the best of the Artists and Coloursoft ranges, featuring the strong point of Artists with the laydown of Coloursoft – giving artists long-lasting precision with a smooth laydown.

The unique formulation within each Procolour pencil promises a clean finish every time. Professional artists have praised the range for its strong point, vibrant and smooth colours, colour-mixing and layering abilities and bright tones on a wide range of artists' paper. Procolour pencils also blend beautifully with a range of mediums and artists accessories, including blending pens and paper stumps.

Procolour pencils are available in 72 carefully selected colours. For further information on lightfastness,

Key Product Features

• A strong core & point, minimal chipping & dusting

• Smooth colour laydown, non-waxy finish

• Highly rich pigmentation

• Blends easily with mediums, blender pens

• Vegan-friendly

• Available in 72 rich & vibrant colours

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